Monday, May 31, 2010

Recent Designs by Kamma Claire

I was feeling the creative itch and pretty much thrust myself full force into some freelance design projects. I currently have a few projects in the works.

First, I designed a flier for my friend Liz's birthday bash. I love this font, Parfait, and I have been trying to find an excuse to use it on everything I design lately. I love typography, as some of my favorite designs are solely type based.

I'm also working on designing some logos for a start up project called the Forever Package, which will consist of a wedding package that includes website and invitation design and video services all in one. My friend Paul started a web design firm recently and we've always wanted to collaborate, so the Forever Package was a perfect excuse and I'm really excited for it to come to life.
I'm also working on designing a logo for my friend Kenny's new boutique called the Supply Room, opening within the Presidio Motel in Santa Barbara come June. I can't wait to see the shop, I know it will have amazing wares as Kenny has the best taste. Lots of fun stuff going on!

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  1. Wow Kami these are all amazing! I need to think of some projects to hire you for!