Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SF Food Wars: Pie or Die Challenge

Although we didn't win anything, I still feel like I accomplished a great feat - over 200 olallieberry pies baked and consumed by eager patrons at the SF Food Wars Pie or Die challenge at Stable Cafe (which, by the way, has the cutest outdoor patio!) on Sunday! It was such a fun project from start to finish; from picking way too many olallieberries by hand with Fen at Gizditch Ranch in Watsonville to hand rolling Katy's perfect buttery crust and then putting the finishing touches on our way too cute booth - it was an all around great experience and I can't wait to jump into more culinary adventures in the future.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Design by Kamma Claire: Ooh La La Sign

Just finished designing our logo/signage and printing it out on a nice big sheet of canvas for the Ooh La La Ladies' premiere at this Sunday's Pie or Die competition! Getting excited...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trick yo Stick: Ginette Lapalme

I'm not a huge fan of artist Ginette Lapalme's illustrations but I absolutely love these painted sticks of hers. I think she's on to something here. More please!

A Gray Day: Marissa Textor

Ahh, Summer in San Francisco. It's a gray kinda day. Still. Silent. Soft. These drawings by Marissa Textor seem to sum up the mood. Her drawings are mind blowing with their hyper-real technical skill. Amazing!
pony swim.


trouble in paradise.