Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wouldn't you look sweet upon a seat...of a custom bicycle built for you!

Now that the boyFen and I have moved into our posh new digs (photos coming soon!) and I realized that I owe some unexpected cash-money to taxes has resulted in me, unfortunately, having to dig into my scooter reserves. Seeing as that dream will have to be on hold for a bit longer, I've decided that I should set my sights on a shiny new bicycle for the time being. Daydreams of cruising to work on sunny "warm" spring days, riding the wiggle from my new Duboce hood to Ocean Beach and sunset rides to the Mission for dinner and drinks is sounding more and more appealing. Luckily, I discovered Republic Bike and their addictive design your own bike feature! Check out the Aristotle singlespeed model I'm thinking about purchasing...which version do you like better: all yellow rims or one yellow one red?!

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