Saturday, January 23, 2010

Seattle Tripadelic

It's been a while since I've had a new post, but it's been a busy past couple months. Now that the Holidaze has passed I'm starting to wondering what happened to January twenty-ten?! The following photos from our trip to Seattle with our friends Julie and Colin last week are a fitting kick off to the new year inspiration posts. I've noticed that places like Seattle, Portland, and the Pacific Northwest in general, have some pretty awesome neon signage for just about everything. Maybe it's due to the fact that for much of the year it's pretty dark and gloomy out so people get excited about the warm electric glow that lures them into restaurants, taverns, and car washes?!


After having lunch at the famous Salumi, a Batalli run cured meats shop, we stumbled upon a gallery in the Pioneer Square area that had a portrait that looked eerily like...who do you think?

These are the rest of my favorites....



  1. sign-tastic photos, the catholic seamen's club?? thats a punchline on its own. but whats really blowing my mind is that mural...

  2. Loved loved loved this post!!! I'm craving killer seafood now! Ditto about the mural... Miss you Kamo! Hope to see you soon