Sunday, July 12, 2009

Design: San Francisco Drawings

I thought I'd start the new "inspiration" blog by showcasing some of my favorite digital drawings of the city that inspires me on a daily basis, San Francisco. One of my favorite things about the foggy city by the bay is it's unique and characteristically San Franciscan architecture. I pass the morning and evening commute from Lower Pacific Heights to Pier 33 by gazing from the bus windows as I pass block upon block of century old apartments admiring the linear silhouettes, ornate moldings, sunny bay windows made of poured glass, and the pastel palate that composes my urban backdrop.


  1. I came across these while browsing for drawings of the city. Would you be interested in selling these digital drawings? I am looking for 8x10 print of each one shown, they are so cool!

    1. Hi Rachael, thanks so much! Can you please email me at and we can discuss? Thanks!